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February 10


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Why I don't like Jack x Elsa :|

Mon Feb 10, 2014, 3:55 PM
Dolphy's Journal

If you have a question then please read this because it may already have the answer you`re looking for. ^^…


People will probably hate me for this but I gotta voice my annoyance about the unbelievable amount of Jack Frost x Elsa fanart out there. It's like a plague that can't be avoided, even if you don't even look for it. :|

I've never understood why people do crossover-pairings. It's so...random. Pairing characters from a movie up with each other because you think there's something going on between them, well, alright. Creating an own character that fits into the world of the movie, alright. But taking two characters from completely different movies and claiming them to be a couple? Eh, wtf? Yes, I draw Jack, Dolphy and Jim together as well, but those are really just fun images and I don't ship Jack with anyone ( mostly because I see him as the perfection of a big brother and sorta Peter Pan-like ). However I know that the shippers are taking those couples pretty damn serious. There are even fangirls who comment on Dreamworks' and Disney's Facebook pages asking them to make movies with several of those characters. Seriously, I've seen a comment begging Dreamworks to make a movie with Jack, Hiccup, Rapunzel and Merida. It's like asking Microsoft and Apple to produce a computer together. :|

Why do I hate Jelsa so much now you ask? They look so cute together, don't they?Well, that already is one of those issues. People pair them up mostly because they both have winter powers and look similar to each other. Which is so horribly superficial it's making me cringe. It's like pairing up Tarzan and Princess Mononoke because "Omgawd, they both live with and can talk to animals, they have so much in common!". How shallow have we become? Jack is still a child at heart who loves to play with children, prank people and have fun. Elsa is a queen, very mature and responsible for her age and has to rule a whole kingdom and follow her duties and deal with politics, etc. She'd rather be like a mother-like person than a girlfriend for Jack.

Anyway, my 3 other main problems with this pairing :

1. They look like freaking siblings. Seriously, Elsa looks like a sparkly princess-version of Jack. Looking like brother and sister doesn't exactly qualify for being a perfect couple...does it?

2. This is just my personal humble opinion so don't attack me with a pitchfork if you're an Elsa fan but let's imagine she wasn't an official movie character but the creation of a fan. Whenever I see images of her I have the following scenario in mind :

"Jack totally needs a girlfriend! I gotta create one for him! So, where do I start....oh yes, she has to have winter powers as well! Maybe even more powerful and impressive than Jack's! White hair and insanely huge blue eyes fit best to give her that wintery look, and oh, oh, she needs a sparkly beautiful dress and shoes with stiletto heels to look even more breathtaking! Of course those shoes might be pretty impractical when she walks on ice and snow all day, but hey, who cares? Sooo, what else. Oh yes, she must have a dramatic past and be angsty but still lovable because she does it all for the well-being of others and needs someone to relate to and save her!"

What do I wanna say with this? Well, I'm 100% sure if Elsa was the creation of a fellow fan she would have been the prime example of a Mary Sue and people would have faceplamed at the sheer uncreativity of developing a girlfriend like this for Jack. Like, totally. I don't say she's a Mary Sue in the movie, solely talking about the Jelsa aspect here.

3. Jack is immortal. Elsa isn't. It's all fine and dandy until she ages and suddenly turns into a grandma while Jack still looks like 18. Yikes.

Of course everyone is allowed to draw and ship what they want and I'm the last person who would waltz towards an artist and flame them for it. If you ship them, fine. I just felt the need to blurt my opinion out because the pairing is shoved into my face wherever I look and every time it's making me facepalm because of the previously mentioned reasons.

Now excuse me, I gotta hide from the angry Jelsa-fans. :P


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FrostTimeLord Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Student Filmographer
I agree this ship is really annoying and I see them as having a mother and son bond. Like when I search Jack Frost there is like 5 pictures of Jack Frost and the rest is jelsa. Elsa will age and she is mature. Jack is childish and real not age. And really I don't care if jelsa fans hate but who cares... Well that's all I have to say
JohnSLPaul Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Photographer
I have no problem with this ship personally. But the thing that irks me the most is that these people are so hellbent on seeing their little fan pairing come to life that they are actually sending petitions to Disney and Dreamworks to do a crossover film of them. WTF? THESE ARE RIVAL STUDIOS!! They would never work with one another under any circumstances. Hell I still remember at Comic Con a few years ago where there was this one stupid jackunzel fangirl that asked one of the guys working at Dreamworks if they will do a crossover with Rotg and Tangled and (big surprise) pair Jack up with Rapunzel. The guy said a simple, but stern "No" and went right on with the panel.

Its not happening people. Get over it.
CocoaRabbit Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Elsa Clapping 
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MagicalGaby Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Student Filmographer
I'm a Jelsa and I know I should not try to force you to like something you don't like but their are reasons of why Jelsa was ment to be a ship. Now I could say all the reasons but it would be too much but all I can say is I know you don't like this pairing for all your reasons that took me 10 minutes to read but I'm just saying that Jelsa os a really good ship and I know I can't change your mind. Reading this did not make me start thinking twice of likeing Jelsa, I still do and I always will until the day I die. BTW, I just stumble apon this journal somehow and after reading lots pf the comments and reading this made my heart shatter. But reading some comments, I don't just ship Jelsa because they lpok the same and they have the same power I ship them for other reasons like they both sacreficed themselfs fpr their siblings, they both have a problem to fix and their also many other reasons out their. But I hope that all you anti-Jelsa fans don't get mad at me or anything I'm just letting my oppinion out and stuf like that.
raesok Featured By Owner Edited Jul 18, 2014
Well, I don't get mad at people just for shipping Jelsa. Jelsa-fans that I hate are the most erroneous ones with no ability to think rationally, who say that Jack and Elsa actually have a chance to happen in a movie, are spamming Disney and DreamWorks for it, and are even proud of it. If you're not one of them, you're ok with me. Even though there are few things in your comment that I'm not buying.

Like the thing about  both of them having a problem: Every movie protagonist has some kind problem. Otherwise there wouldn't be a plot for the movie. And the sibling-thing is just one minor, far-fetched similarity between them that has nothing to do with two of them having romantic feelings for each other or not. And since their personalities would be more suited for "little brother and big sister"-styled friendship, and because Jack is immortal and already had a thing going on with Tooth Fairy, it's obvious that Elsa and Jack wouldn't work.

We all know that the ship is about their looks and magic powers. I mean, Jelsa started way before Frozen even came out. And even if you started shipping them after watching the movies, that makes you only a bit better than the ones who started the ship before. Elsa's personality and backround story could've been pretty much anything, and you people would still ship them. But if we would erase Elsa's powers: Well, that would at least halve your numbers. But I'm pretty sure there would still be some left, since people have some kind of weird obsession to find Jack Frost a love interest. Which brings us to one of my biggest questions: What is so wrong with Tooth Fairy?
MagicalGaby Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Student Filmographer
No worries I'm not one of those people who spam. But you have a really good point. But I still ship Jelsa and I actually kinda ship Jack and Tooth. 
LadyofTheKeyblade Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Student General Artist
I agree with you! I prefer their relationship like a mother-son one or, like you've mentioned, silbings.
I used to ship Jelsa then I got over it and now ship Icebreaker (Wreck-it Ralph x Elsa)!
AoiGirl Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Student Filmographer
You make excellent points! I'm glad to see that there are some people who see that Jelsa is not 'perfect', and your use of logic instead of hate for the ship was refreshing! Thanks for writing this (I seriously needed a break from the crossover ship mania I see everywhere XP). Something to add to your excellent commentary: Besides the fact that Disney and Dreamworks are separate studios, the ship wouldn't even make vague sense historically! I believe that Frozen is set (according to the Disney timeline) in an era before colonial America - which is where Jack is from. Elsa would have been born, lived, and died well before Jack was alive - there's really no way to put the two together if we go purely by factual evidence.
Freya-chan1234 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
I agree with you completely! Their personalitys don't match and although (This is just the majority of Jelsa shippers, some aren't like this but...) they say they ship them because of their past they obviously ship them because of powers. 
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